Miracle Koi Food,  only Koi Food guaranteed to make  Koi grow, enhance koi color, or money back.

Miracle Koi Food - only Koi Food guaranteed to enhance color, promote Koi growth.


Miracle Koi Food is the only Koi Food guaranteed to make Koi grow and enhance koi color, or money back.

Miracle Koi Food

Patented, Copywrited, Trademarked, Guaranteed.

Miracle Koi Food , Koi Food guaranteed to make Koi grow and enhance koi color, or money back.

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Miracle Koi Food is a Gourmet blend of nutritionally balanced fish food that is guaranteed to make Koi grow and enhance koi fish color, or your money back. Feeding Your Fish

This finest quality Gourmet fish food is made of easy to digest pellets, Dried Krill, Dried Fresh Water Shrimp, Dried Earthworms, Dried Pupae and Larvae. It also has Calcium Montmorillonite Clay in it. Everything Nature intended to promote healthy and beautiful Koi.

Miracle Koi Food believes in a combination of tried-and-true methods, combined with current advances that have served to place the Koi keeping enthusiast on the cutting edge. You'll further appreciate the experience that goes into EVERY PRODUCT we offer.


The founder of the company, who we refer to as "The Koiman", built his first pond in 1933. Started working on the design of the "CLEARWATER BIOLOGICAL FILTER" in 1938.

He started working with Koi in Japan in 1950 prior to the popularity of Koi in this country. During the occupation he got acquainted with George Matsuta, a Japanese Koi farmer and breeder.

Koiman discovered that japanese Koi farms were built under animal pens. The animal droppings went directly into the Koi ponds and provided high value nutrition for the animals and organizisms needed in food production for the Koi fish in the pond.

This natural process is responsible for the development of koi fish breeding procedures that produce the beautiful color variations of Koi Fish. Possibly explaining why many Koi fish enthusiasts say that mud ponds, or even mud pond vacations are beneficial to grooming champion Koi.

What actually creates the benefit is NOT just the mud , but the natural nutrition provided by Mother Natures use of animal waste to produce high value nutritional varieties of food for Koi fish.

Miracle Koi Food provides the same high value protein that Mother Nature supplies in the Japanese ponds. Nutritional things such as pupae, larva, krill, shrimp etc.

Shortly after Koiman started importing beautiful japanese Koi he found within a year or two the Koi lost much of their color.

Koi Color loss problems.

We can't possibly continue to sell champion Koi that are only champion Koi fish for one year. Koiman believed that nutrition and perfect water quality were the absolute KEY to maintaining champion qualities and growth in Koi. The Clearwater Biological Filter took care of the water quality, so the Koi Food testing began.

Miracle Koi Food, Discovering Champion Quality.

We understand "TODAY" that high value protein was the missing link in the Koi food available. .

Proper testing isolates and measures results; so 16 ponds of 86 gallons each were built and filtered with the proven Clearwater Lifetime Biological Filter to maintain water quality.

32 fish of equal size, weight and show quality color received directly from Japan were placed, two each, into the 16 ponds. All test ponds were maintained exactly the same way. 70 degree temperature was constant and all ponds were in the same building. All 16 major brands of Koi Food available (at that time) were purchased and stored with each individual pond. The fish in each pond were fed only one brand of food, exclusively, strictly following the feeding directions on the manufacturers package.

All of the fish were 8" to 9" in length and purchased from Kamihata Fisheries in Japan.

Pond and Koi Fish Testing

Pond Water Quality

Chemical tests were made daily, on each and every pond, to insure water chemistry remained constant:

  • P.H

  • Ammonia

  • Nitrates

  • 8% Oxygen content

  • Methane

  • Overfeeding

  • and Others.

Chemical elements of the food testing process were very stable due to the excellence of the Clearwater Filter System. Most of the water quality testing manhours were spent detecting and correcting overfeeding problems caused by manufacturer's recommended feeding frequency.

Much of the daily food recommended was simply being crushed by the fish and expelled through the gills to the bottom of the pond.

Testing involved placing properly sized bedsheets in the bottom of all 16 ponds to measure the amount of un-eaten food. Shocking amounts of ecology polluting waste was found with all brands of fish food.

Koi Fish Observations

Every two weeks each fish was weighed, measured and body shape, fins and color checked.

32 fish started, 30 made it through the year. Two fish in pond #12 died with no apparent disease. Growth ranged from 1/2" to 3" on the remaining 30 fish. Color had diminished an average of approx. 50% while Body Shape showed about 1% distortion. None of the fish were of show quality at the end of one year.


  • Mostly more questions.

  • None of the fish food was supplying all of the nutrients necessary to maintain the quality that the Japanese Koi had when they got to the U.S.

  • Still something missing.

  • Where to get further help or information.

The search for help started with the U.S. Marine Fisheries. To make a long story short, recommendations led Koiman to Georgia State University and Kansas State University.

Results and Records were given to the Universities and they did their own studies which revealed that a High Value Protein diet was needed to enhance color and growth in Koi Fish. In other words the total protein percentage was not as important as the ratio of animal protein to vegetable protein. High Value Protein content of the slime coat was the most important factor in koi food nutrition for healthy koi and pond fish with champion color and optimum growth.

Koi Food "Miracle"

Experiments were conducted using the original 16 ponds and new koi food nutritional facts suggested by the universities.

Koi food ingredients were researched, added or taken out, and fish were monitored until the perfect formulation was finally determined.

Miracle Koi Fish food was evaluated for ultimate total nutritional value, fish health, koi color, growth, pond clarity, water quality, ease of use, feeding frequency and cost per feeding.

Many proprietary products were tried, the final proprietary combination has been patented, copyrighted and trademarked.

Miracle Koi Food is the only koi food that is totally patented.

The only koi food, in one package, that supplies 100% of the High Value Protein nutritional requirements of koi and other pond fish, without adding additional foods or supplements. No other company has reproduced Miracle koi food's formulation of natural, nutritionally unaltered koi and pond fish food.




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